Unbundled Services

Guaranteed Flat Fee Pricing

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What exactly does "unbundled legal services" and "flat fee pricing" mean?

There are several phases in a court matter. Not everyone needs representation throughout all phases of their court matter. Noble Law offers clients the ability to make informed decisions about what legal services they need, and more importantly, what legal services they do not want. Noble Law has broken down the lawsuit process into parts, and each client can pick and choose what service or services they need or want and pay for only those services. Each service or group of services has a price so each client will know the cost of the service before it begins. Noble Law does not believe in hidden legal fees or endless billing for clients. Noble Law offers guaranteed up-front pricing on all services offered. Unbundled legal services means clients choose what services they want and pay for only those services. Flat fee pricing means no hourly charges, just a flat fee for all services included in your chosen bundle.

If you are interested in learning more about unbundled services or any service Noble Law offers, or if you just have questions about family law, fill out a consultation form. We will be happy to schedule a time for you to have one on one time with an attorney.