How much does it cost to hire an attorney?

Different attorneys charge different rates. Most law offices charge the client an initial retainer, and then withdraw money from that initial retainer. When the initial retainer runs low or is gone, the client is asked to provide more funds. This type of billing repeats itself throughout the client's entire case, leaving the client uncertain as to how much their case will cost. At Noble Law PLLC, we offer guaranteed pricing for unbundled legal services and flat fee billing for our clients. This ensures that our clients know exactly how much money they will be charged for legal representation on their case before choosing the level of representation they want.

Can I represent myself in Court?

An adult over the age of 18 can represent themselves in Court in most situations. There are a number of reasons that individuals should hire an attorney to represent them in Court, including but not limited to, preserving important legal rights. Far too often an individual believes that they cannot afford to hire an attorney. At Noble Law PLLC, we believe that an individual cannot afford to not hire an attorney. In most cases, you have one opportunity to have your day in court. Once your case is done, the results can be permanent. To ensure that you are aware of everything that you are entitled to under the law, hiring an attorney is important.

I had a baby with someone who won’t let me see the child, and my name is not on the birth certificate, what can I do?

In most cases, you have the right to file a lawsuit in court to be awarded the right to see your child and have your name listed on the child's birth certificate. The court may then grant you the right to have the child in your care and custody. Noble Law PLLC has years of experience in these types of cases. Contact Noble Law PLLC and find out what we can do for you.

I want to get a divorce and don’t know where to start, can you help?

Getting a divorce can be a scary and uncertain situation. Noble Law PLLC offers scheduled consultations to explain all of your rights and responsibilities when filing for divorce, or if you have been served with divorce papers. Noble Law PLLC also offers all levels of representation for a divorce, from choosing an unbundled service or handling your entire divorce from start to finish.

My spouse and I agree on everything for our divorce, do we need a lawyer?

While you are allowed to represent yourself in court for a divorce, it is not always the best idea for several reasons. A divorce decree involves many rights and responsibilities that affect each person now and in the future. It is important to ensure that you preserve your rights, even if you agree on everything. This is the reason Noble Law PLLC offers unbundled services, because not all clients need full and complete representation. Some only need help navigating the legal documentation required to obtain a divorce in court. Noble Law PLLC can advise you of the rights and responsibilities you will need to protect and how unbundled services can benefit your unique situation, with a scheduled consultation.

My child’s other parent refuses to help financial support our child, is there anything I can do?

Iowa law is clear when it comes to child support. Both parents owe a duty of support to their children. You can go through child support recovery unit or initiate a lawsuit through the court. Going through the court is often times faster and more thorough than a child support recovery unit action might be. Fill out a consultation form to schedule a consultation to determine which type of case you should initiate. Noble Law PLLC can help you get a child support order in place to help support your child or children, even if the other parent does not see the child or children.

I have been served paperwork by the Iowa Child Support Recovery Unit for a child that I don’t believe is mine, what should I do?

You only have a short amount of time to contest whether you are the biological parent or not when you receive paperwork from the Child Support Recovery Unit. If you miss the timeframe to contest paternity with the Iowa Child Support Recovery Unit, you can initiate a lawsuit in court to determine whether you are the child’s biological father and responsible for support. You must respond either to the Child Support Recovery Unit in a timely manner or in Court, or child support could be set and begin to accrue whether you are aware or not. Call Noble Law PLLC and schedule a child support case evaluation today.

My spouse wants to adopt my child that is not biologically their child, can I do that?

Yes, in certain situations, a spouse can legally adopt a child that is not their biological child. There are steps that must be taken for the spouse to adopt. Fill out a termination of parental rights consultation form to find out if your spouse can file to legally adopt your child or children.