Spousal Support

Iowa categorizes three types of spousal support in a dissolution proceeding:

Reimbursement support: Can be ordered when one spouse has financially supported the other spouse while that spouse attended school or an educational program that results in an increase in their income. The supporting spouse can show that they put their career on hold to further the other spouse's education and income.

Rehabilitation support: Can be ordered when one spouse has delayed their career or education to care for family and now needs training or education to obtain employment in an amount that allows them to financially support themselves. The support is typically ordered for a period of time to obtain a degree, training and/or employment that allows that spouse to financially support themselves.

Traditional support: Can be ordered for a long-term marriage when there is an agreement that one spouse cares for the family or home while the other spouse provides the financial support for the family. Typically the court orders an amount of support that allows the non-financial earning spouse to live substantially the same lifestyle they were accustomed to during the marriage. This type of support can be ordered for life.