Dissolution of Marriage

Iowa is a no-fault divorce state:

In Iowa, an individual does not need to have a reason to seek a divorce. Either party can file for divorce, otherwise known as a dissolution of marriage, at any time. The Court does not punish or reward behavior during the marriage. What that means is that no matter what the reason for the divorce, neither party is entitled than the other party to more assets in a divorce. 

Iowa is an equitable division state:

In Iowa, the Court considers the overall assets and debt accrued during a marriage. The Court also takes into consideration any pre-marital assets or debts, such as student loans or inheritances. The goal of the Court is to award each party as close to equal assets and debts in a divorce. Each party in a divorce should know what the debts are in the marriage and should know what assets are being held by each party either before, or during the marriage. The court refers to these assets and debts as property. The court will divide the property at the conclusion of a trial, if the parties do not agree together. Property division in a divorce action is not modifiable. That means if you did not ask for or receive property that you were entitled to during a dissolution of marriage, you cannot attempt to later modify the property division and ask the court to award you the property if you later change your mind. 

Why should I hire an attorney for my divorce:

A divorce, or dissolution of marriage, involves important rights and responsibilities. It can affect you now and in the future. You should hire an attorney to make sure that you have completed all the requirements in the divorce proceeding and that you are aware of all of the assets and debts of the marriage. An attorney can explain what you are entitled to in the divorce, and fight for you to get what you are entitled to. Even if you do not need an attorney's representation for your entire case, Noble Law offers unbundled services that allow you to choose what services you want or need and pay for only those services.