Thomas Tully


Thomas Tully

Thomas Tully’s unique and vibrant background outside of being an attorney is a big part of what makes him the stellar attorney that he is. He has spent the past several decades developing a career in the legal industry as an owner, manager and consultant of businesses, sales, politics, and law. Tom’s education to do these things and the experience he’s gained from them, are not the only things that add to his ability to be an excellent attorney. Three roles that he has consistently played throughout his varied career that has enabled him to be an excellent attorney are those of - leader, motivator, and creative facilitator for positive change.

A few of the many things that make Tom a standout among his clients compared to other attorneys of his caliber, are not just his several advanced degrees and breadth of legal and business experience, it is unusual to find an attorney who has the kind of dynamic personality, intuitive communication skills and a creative intellect that Tom does. 

In his past, Tom had established several different businesses, including opening his solo law practice, Tully Law Office, P.C. for injured plaintiffs (on St. Patrick’s Day 2012, in honor of his Irish heritage). He has also owned or managed several retail businesses, a fine dining restaurant, appeared in Hollywood films and a television movie; and developed a retail playing card company. Also, he has served as the assistant Secretary of State for Iowa under Secretary of State and then Governor, Chet Culver.

Even before Tom officially obtained his law degree, he established the successful legal consulting business, “Attorney Technical Resources”, and has had the opportunity to assist some of the most prominent trial attorneys in Iowa, Illinois, Michigan, Missouri, and Minnesota where he advised, prepared, and presented cases at mediation and trial. A highlight of this part of his career was when Tom had the honor and privilege of spending over a year working with the renowned civil rights attorney, Mr. Gerry Spence of Wyoming, on his very last civil rights trial which was resolved for over $60 Million dollars. Tom’s ongoing trial business has given him a unique and highly beneficial opportunity to prepare and participate in over 100 mediations as well as to serve the role as “second chair” with some of the country’s top trial attorneys in over 70 trials.

Tom actively pursues cases involving catastrophic injuries such as asbestos related injuries as Tom has directly been influenced through his father’s death due to asbestos exposure.  Tom has a unique understanding of the pain, suffering, and all the other emotions that a family feels because of a serious injury and as a lawyer he can work at a level that few other attorneys can relate to. In addition to asbestos injuries, Tom protects individuals and families by ensuring your financial goals are met with a host of things like a Will, Trust, Living Will, Healthcare Power of Attorney, Financial Power of Attorney, and many other very important documents.